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IMPORTANT: Please read this user agreement before using the sites and their software.

Register (authorization) on the websites will constitute your acceptance of the terms of this User Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this User Agreement, do not register (log) at sites and do not use their software.


INTENS PROJECT S.R.L. from one side and the person who accepted the Offer posted on the Internet at the permanent address, from the other side, we have concluded the present Agreement on the following user.

1. Terms and Definitions

1.1. In this User Agreement, unless otherwise expressly provided in the

text, The following terms shall

have the following meanings:


"Service Steam" -

an online service offered by Valve

Corporation, is the owner of the objects Of inventory.




"Inventory" - The ability to use one of objects from the case in

accordance with the subscriber's service agreement Steam, posted on the Internet at the following address:

"Case" - The set of secure pages of the Site, created through user registration, using which the user can use all or some of the functionality of the site.

Access My Account will be done in the following order:

Pressing the "Login with STEAM" button on the Site, then the user will be automatically redirected to a site on the Internet at the following address:;

Adding User user name (subscriber) Steam and password in a special form, clicking "Sign in" button, located on the Internet at the following address,

either by opening a Site, in the case, if the user has not previously exit from his dashboard by clicking "Exit".



Individual person having the Steam account that has entered

into agreement with the owner.



Composite works representing the totality of the information,

text, graphics, designs, images, photos and videos, computer software and other intellectual property, except for the Inventory, contained in the information system, providing access to such information on the Internet within the domain zones


- Currently user agreement.

"Parties" -

The owner and the user.

1.2.All other terms and definitions in the text of the Agreement, interpreted by the Parties in accordance with the Scotland legislation and established the Internet the usual rules of interpretation of relevant terms.

1.3.Names of titles (articles) of the Agreement are designed exclusively for the convenience of using the text of the Agreement and literally have no legal value.

2. Conclusion of an agreement

2.1. The text of the Agreement, constantly posted on the Internet network address and available at registration

(login) on the Site, contains all the essential terms of the Agreement and constitute Owners offer to conclude an Agreement with any fully capable third party, which use the site on the terms specified in the Agreement. Thus, the text of the Agreement is a public offer .

2.2. Affixing character in the special field under the title "I accept the terms of use";

Authorization on the site by clicking on the link "Login with STEAM and of the authorization in the opened window through Steam account already existing or create a new account through Steam.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1. Owner provides the User with: simple (non-exclusive) license to use the Site and the software for its intended purpose, as provided explicit user functions of the Site and the Personal Cabinet;

3.1.2.reimbursable simple (non-exclusive) license to use the Case for its intended purpose, while the cost of a license for the use of certain Case is indicated on the Site.

3.2. Mentioned in paragraph 3.1.1 of the Agreement the license granted to the User for a certain period within the territory, and during which the Website and My Account are available to the user.

3.3.User is forbidden:

3.3.1.circumvent technical restrictions imposed on the Site and in the


3.3.2.reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Site, Case and My

Account, except in cases

directly provided by the Moldova;

3.3.3. create copies of the Site, Case and My Account, as well as their

external design (design);

3.3.4. change the Site, Case and My Account by any method;

3.3.5. perform any act aimed at changing the operation and functionality of the Site, Case and My Account;

3.3.6. provide access to the personal account to a third party;

3.3.7. implement above trigger actions to any part of the Site, Case and Personal Account.

4. Site, Case and Personal Account Functions

4.1. The user has the opportunity via this Site:

4.2. Get acquainted with the content and characteristics of the equipment, that choice it occurs through a specific Case, and the cost of licenses for the use of the Case;

Purchase license to use the Case and receive the appropriate equipment in the manner specified in the Agreement.

User through Case is able to get one provided on the page, containing Case, Inventory. Inventory for the User is automatically determined by using of the Case.

4.3. The user through Personal Account has the opportunity:

5. Accept Inventory on Steam account

5.1. From moment of reception Inventory by using the Case and its display in the Personal Account, the user within 1 (one) hour has the opportunity take Inventory on Steam account or dispose Inventory through Personal Account

5.2. Inventory Receiving on Steam account carried out under condition which is fulfilled by user specified on the Website and in the Personal

Account settings of steam account and Personal Account

5.3.For the receiving Inventory on Steam account if complying with the

5.2of the Agreement requirements, User within one (1) hour from receipt Inventory goes over on the link "TAKE", located in the Personal Account directly in the description of the inventory.

5.4.The user has the possibility to dispose obtained, but not yet received Inventory on Steam Account

per specified in the description of Inventory in the Personal Account number of bonus points, entitling to a discount when you pay license fees per Case, with one bonus point gives the right to a discount of one ruble exclusively for this purpose (Payment of the license fee).The parties agreed that these bonus points are not cash and cannot be returned and / or exchanged.

5.5.For disposition Inventory User within one (1) hours of the receipt of Inventory clicking on the link located in the Personal Area directly from the description of the inventory. User inaction at the end of one (1) hours of the receipt of Inventory means the disposal of the obtained, but not yet adopted the Steam Inventory account.

5.6.In case of disposition of Inventory, Users received bonus points are displayed in the Personal Area.

6. Owner Remuneration

6.1.For providing the owner the right to use Case, User shall pay a license fee in the amount specified on the Website and related Case page.

6.2.Specified in paragraph 6.1 of the Agreement the license fee paid by the user from money resources, previously transferred to the owner through the payment service, details of which are available to users at the

time of payment. Amount pre money resources transferred is displayed in the Personal Account.

6.3.Transfer of funds in payment for owner specified in paragraph 6.1 of the license fee agreement carried out way by the User, in the manner and according to the rules, specified on the relevant page of the Site, taking into account the characteristics and requirements, established by the relevant payment service, attracted to the owner of the settlement.

6.4.Payment specified in paragraph 6.1 of the license fee of the Agreement in the manner provided in the present section, shall be based on of paragraph 5.6 of the Agreement.

7. Personal Information

7.1.User agrees owner of the processing of information, including personal data of the User provided when you use the Site, namely, the data specified in the user account on Steam.

7.2.Processing of personal data means recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision of access), including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, not falling under special categories, the processing of which, according to the

current requires the written consent of the User.

7.3.Processing of personal data is carried out in order to fulfill the Parties' obligations under the Agreement, the registration of the User on the Site, the acquisition of a license to use Case, producing equipment, to the direction of e-mail messages User information and other measures.

7.4.The user may at any time revoke the consent to the processing of personal data by sending the Owner written notice to the address specified in paragraph 1.1 of the Agreement, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The User understands that such a review

means the termination of the Agreement. The owner has the right to continue the processing of personal data of the User in cases stipulated by law.

7.5.Additional or different provisions regarding processing of personal data may be contained in the document, posted or placed on the site. In the case, contrary to the provisions of this document the provisions of this section of the document shall prevail.

7.6.The user agrees to receive promotional materials from the Owner, its affiliates or by other persons on the instructions of Owner to the email address specified by the user during account registration on Steam. Consent to receive promotional material may be withdrawn by the User at any time by giving the Owner written notice to the address specified in paragraph 9.3.1 of the Agreement, either by performing actions specified in the messages (emails), containing such materials.

8. Limitation of liability

8.1.The owner is not responsible for the User's losses resulting from the unlawful actions of third parties, including those related to unauthorized access to the personal account. The owner is not responsible for damages caused to the user as a result of disclosure to third parties credentials required for access to the personal account of what happened is not the fault of the Owner.

8.2.The owner is not the legal owner of Inventory, does not determine the use and operation of the Inventory. Regarding Inventory , User governed by the license agreement Steam, available at the time the amended Agreement at

8.3.The owner does not provide software for Inventory for its intended purpose in the device's user. Such software user purchases and / or install

on your device yourself.

8.4.Website and software tools, including My Account and Case are provided "as is". Users have the risk of using the Site. Owner, operators wired and wireless communications, over networks that provide access to the Site, affiliates, suppliers, agents Owner do not give any warranties in respect of the Site.

8.5.Owner does not warrant that the Site, Case and Personal Account comply with the requirements of the User, that access to the Website, Case and Personal Account will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

8.6.The owner is entitled to transfer the rights to translate and debts for all obligations arising from the Agreement. The User hereby consents to the assignment of rights and transfer of debt to any third parties. On the assignment of rights and / or transfer the debt holder informs the user by placing relevant information on the Site.

8.7.Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement in case of breach of conditions of the Agreement by the User Owner may unilaterally refuse to perform the Agreement and to discontinue User's access to the personal account. In the event that such a breach has caused damage to third parties, the responsibility for them lies entirely at the user.

9. Dispute resolution

9.1.Any dispute, controversy or claim which may arise in connection with the execution, cancellation or invalidation of the Agreement, the Parties shall endeavor to resolve by negotiation. The party, whose claims have arisen and / or divisions, sends a message to the other Party, indicating any claims and / or disputes in accordance with paragraph 9.1 of the Agreement.

9.2.If the response message is not received by person who sent a

message to the Party within 30 (thirty) business days from the date of the relevant communication, or if the parties fail to agree on claims arising and / or disagreement, the dispute shall be settled in court at the location of the Owner.

10. Final provisions

10.1.The Parties hereby confirm that the performance (change, addition, termination) of the Agreement, as well as in the conduct of correspondence on these issues are allowed analogues of a handwritten signature of the Parties. The Parties confirm that all notices, reports, agreements and documents within the Parties fulfill their obligations arising from the agreement signed by the Parties to the analogues of a handwritten signature, are valid and binding on the parties. Under the handwritten signature analogue refers authorized e-mail addresses and credentials to the Dashboard.

10.2.The Parties recognize that all notices, reports, agreements, documents and letters sent with the use of authorized e-mail addresses, and private office, be deemed to and signed by the parties, unless expressly stated otherwise in these letters.

10.3.The authorized e-mail addresses of the Parties shall be:

10.3.1.For owners: [email protected]

10.3.2.Member for: e-mail address associated with your account on Steam registration.

10.4.The Parties undertake to protect the confidentiality of data and information needed to access the authorized e-mail addresses and personal study, to prevent disclosure of such information and the transfer to third parties. The parties themselves determine the procedure for limiting access to such information

10.5.When using the authorized e-mail addresses, prior to receipt from

the other Party information about the confidentiality violations, all actions and documents executed and designed with the help of authorized e-mail addresses of the other Party, even if such action and the documents were made and sent to other persons considered perfect and directed a second side. In this case, the rights and duties, as well as the liability is incurred in such other Party.

10.6. When using Personal Account, prior to receipt from the User information about the violations the confidentiality of all actions and documents executed and designed with the help of Personal Account, even if such action and the documents were made and sent to other persons who are considered to be perfect, and toward the user. In this case, the rights and duties, as well as the liability is incurred by the User.

11. Changing the terms of the Agreement

11.1.The owner has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the Agreement, with such modifications shall be effective upon publication of a new version of the Agreement in the Internet at

11.2.Continued use of the functions of the Site will constitute acceptance of the User with the terms of the new version of the Agreement. If the user does not agree with the terms of the new version of the Agreement, will stop to use the Site.

11.3.In all other respects, it is not regulated by the Agreement, shall be governed by applicable Scotland law without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.